The Fertility Cliff

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Today we're talking about the so-called "fertility cliff"—the belief that after the age of 35, a woman's chance of having a child drops precipitously. We had the opportunity to interview Sisi Toro, an educator and self-confessed medical nerd. Through her research she's discovered that fertility isn't just about your age—there's much more to the story.

Disclaimer: though the data presented in this article is scientifically backed, every person’s experience is different. Science on fertility is emerging and many factors may affect your situation. For the best advice, consult your doctor. 

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  • (00:01) - Intro
  • (03:42) - Sisi's background
  • (05:47) - The conventional view on age 35
  • (07:47) - More women are having children later in life than ever before
  • (08:36) - Harvard Medical School study
  • (10:56) - Stress as a factor
  • (15:10) - Modern hospitals don't "bat an eye" at older pregnancy
  • (18:59) - Environment as a factor
  • (21:48) - Raw milk and bone broth
  • (23:37) - Stress is "the new smoking"
  • (31:07) - Focus on health habits that are sustainable
  • (33:02) - Pressure on relationships
  • (35:51) - God's timing
  • (37:23) - Outro


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The Fertility Cliff
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